The Founder of MTM(Meridians , Tissues Manipulation)
Master Wang Ling An, Taiwan
˙Renown MTM Therapy Specialist with 20 years experience
˙Chief MTM Trainer
˙Author of 2 MTM Therapy Bestsellers
˙Founder of Traditional Meridian Health Association

Q and A

Q: What is Meridians and Tissues Manipulation ( MTM ) Massage?
A: A one-of-its kind massage that combines TCM Meridian know-how and Western Medicine’s study of muscles and bones to manipulate acupoints, meridians, soft tissues and muscles.

Q: How does MTM Massage work?
A: Alleviates chronic aches and soreness, stimulates our body to self-heal and achieve overall improved health and beauty results.

Q: How is it different from other TCM massage treatments?
A: Traditional gua sha, cupping and tui na treatments only work on the superficial skin and muscle levels. MTM Massage works on the fascial restrictions and scar tissues in the muscles, at the same time, MTM Massage also works to stimulate the various meridians to remove the ‘cold’ and stagnant Qi from our body. Traditional TCM massage treatments are not able to reach such deep levels of treatment, while MTM Massage, with the aid of specially designed massage rods and massage techniques can.

Q: How many techniques are here in MTM Massage?
A: There are a total of 6 MTM Massage techniques for a head-to-toe treatment. The techniques can be performed in 1 session for a fully body treatment, or they can be performed separately for localized treatments

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